Millenium Fire Control And Projects (Pty) Ltd

Millenium Fire Control And Projects (Pty) Ltd

Be Alert, Avert Fire
2 Mallet Road ( Unit 10), Knights, Germiston, 1401
Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm

Millenium Fire Control And Projects (Pty) Ltd

We provide the following services:

Fire Safety 

Fire Extinguisher services, supply and installations

Fire Detection equipment services, supply and installations

Gas suppression system services, supply and installations

Fire sprinklers systems services, repair and installations

Fire sprinkler systems valves

Fire Evacuation plans

Fire Drills and Training

Access control and CCTV installation, service and supply

Including Other Projects

Commercial Gas Installation and services

Electrical Fence installation and services

Air Conditioning services, supply and installation

Plumbing Installation and services

Email us on : 

063 801 8111 (Emergency 24/hours)


  • Fire Extinguisher Services
  • Fire Detection Equipment
  • Fire Sprinklers Systems
  • Access Control and CCTV Installation

Our Services

Fire Extinguisher Services, Supply and Installation

Fire Detection Equipment Services, Supply and Installations

Fire Sprinklers Systems Service, Repair and Installation

Access Control and CCTV Installation, Service and Supply

Hose Reels / Hydrant Valves Supply & Installation

Gas Suppression System Services, Supply and Installations

Commercial Gas Installation and Services

Gas Geyser Installation

Electrical Fence Installation and Services

Air Conditioning Services and Installation

Plumbing Installation and Services

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