Millenium Fire Control And Projects (Pty) Ltd

Millenium Fire Control And Projects (Pty) Ltd

Be Alert, Avert Fire
2 Mallet Road ( Unit 10), Knights, Germiston, 1401
Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm

Millenium Fire Control And Projects (Pty) Ltd

We provide the following services, supply and installations:

Fire Safety 

Fire Extinguisher 

Fire Detection equipment 

Gas suppression system 

Fire sprinklers systems 

Fire sprinkler systems valves

Fire Evacuation plans

Fire Drills and Training

Email us on : 

063 801 8111 (Emergency 24/hours)


  • Fire Extinguisher Services
  • Fire Detection Equipment
  • Fire Sprinklers Systems
  • Gas Suppression System

Our Services

Fire Extinguisher Services, Supply and Installation

Fire Detection Equipment Services, Supply and Installations

Fire Sprinklers Systems Service, Repair and Installation

Hose Reels / Hydrant Valves Supply & Installation

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